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Julie S.
Before meeting Dr. Angie I was having severe hip flexor pain, couldn't turn my head in either direction very far, was reliant on caffeine pills to get me going in the morning and sleeping pills to keep me asleep at night, and struggling with food cravings. Within 3 weeks there was massive improvement to my hip and I could actually turn my head enough to see if cars were coming in the other driving lane without having to turn my whole upper body. By week 4 I was off all caffeine and have very little in the way of food cravings. Now, in week 7, I am sleeping better without the aid of nightly sleeping pills.
Dr. Angie is caring, compassionate, generous, easy-going and never judges. She's so knowledgeable and supportive. I'm so lucky to have had her move her office basically into my back yard but she'd be worth the drive!
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Jackelyn R.

Dr Angie completely fixed my daughters back issues and for that we are so grateful! We couldn’t even drive 5 min in the vehicle without my daughter crying that her back hurt …we started seeing Dr Angie mid summer and within a few weeks were able to take our road trip with zero back complaints from the little one! Dr Angie makes the visits fun and relates well with the kiddos. My kids love when i say we’re going to see Dr Angie today 🤗 Highly recommend! Thank you for all you do Angie!

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Denise S.

Dr Angie has helped me so much! I am not local so I have been doing her Remedy testing for 7 years now!! We chat thru phone calls and messaging. With out her and the Remedy testing I would of never gotten from 250# to under 200#!! If you’re on the fence give it a try, you won’t be sorry!! Thank you Dr Angie!

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